¨         Simplification, enhancement, and  smoothing

2004 SS.ppt

¨         Feature-based Space Mapping

Image Retouching. Implementation in an Adobe Photoshop Plug-in. Developed by our group and available for download from http://www.savchenko.com/savchenko/csrbf/index.htm

Text Retouching, 2002. Zebra

Surface Retouching. Stanford Bunny. Retouching, 2002 Bunny

Computer Modeling for the Occlusal Surface of Teeth: reconstruction of a missing part of a tooth. Ray tracing, 2000 ToothR

An initial volumetric head and a facial deformation modeled using coordinate space mapping. Ray tracing, 1994 FaceIm

Animation. Movie files (Facial, Fish, and Ball animation) are avi encoded with DivX 4.12 codec. To view them in Windows Media Player install the codec available to download for free from the DivX site: http://www.divx.com/

Face. Animation, 2002 Joy

Fish. Animation, 2002 Fish

Ball. Animation, 2002 Ball

Volume animation. Animation, 1996 Chew

Splitting operation. Ray tracing 1994 Splitt

¨         3D Reconstruction

Phobos (Mars satellite) from scattered surface points. Polygon-based rendering, 1989 Phobos

A human femur reconstructed from cross-sections and voxelized with a sample-based interpolation (1), separation of the reconstructed femur (2), blending between the split parts (3). Ray tracing, 1997 Femur

Reconstruction by compactly supported RBFs. Polygon-based rendering, 2001 Head & Seashell

¨         2-D sample-based interpolation

Approximation of raster digital elevation data from a limited number of contour maps. Fragment of Bandai Mountain (Fukushima PrefectureJapan). Ray tracing, 2001 Bandai

¨         3D Metamorphosis with Constraints

Spatial and temporal transformations in 3D space. Ray tracing, 2001 MetCons

Spatial and temporal transformations in 3D space.  Animation, 2002 UnTorusHead

¨         3D "Turtle Graphics" Painting

Examples of 3D hatching with fractal-like curves, Pictures, 2002 Hpictures

Meanders drawing , Applet, 2001 SphereN

12th-order Dragon , Applet, 2001 Dragon

Aperiodic tiling, Applet, 2001 Aptil

¨         Particle-based Simulation

A hypothetical comet , simulation based on the main premises of the  Whipple’s theory. Applet, 2000 DrawTail

¨         Engraving Simulation with Haptic Feedback

Imitation of Picasso. Ray tracing, 1999 Haptic

¨         3D Synthetic Carving

Ray tracing, 1998 Carv&M

¨         Modeling complex 3D shapes

"Geometric Mentality". Ray tracing, 1998 Volume

¨         Metamorphosis of 2D Polygonal Models

Fragment of M. Esher's "Day and night". Ray tracing, 1996 Esh&Pol

¨         Medial Axis

Examples  of 3D reconstruction. Ray tracing, 1996 MedAxis

¨         Evolutionary Optimization of Functionally Defined Shapes

Case study of natural optical objects: A trilobite image , result of evolutionary optimization of the trilobite refractive interface and the eye of cuatro ojos. 1999 TrilCua

¨         Computer Simulation and Analysis of a Growing Mammalian Cell Colony

Digitized AHH-1 human lymphocyte culture cells and modeled cells. Ray tracing,  image processing, 1996 HCulture

¨         Collision Simulation

Sequence of being glued and colliding particles. Ray tracing, 1993 Collis