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Intelligent Robotics Lab., Hosei Univ.

What is intelligence?

Intelligent Robotics Lab.   Prof. Kazuyuki Ito
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Hosei University

The goal of our Laboratory is to answer the question “What is intelligence?”.
In the conventional framework of Artificial Intelligence, we assume that intelligence is realized by our brains, and it can be replicated by huge computer programs. However, there is much rebutting evidence in the real world. For example, some lower creatures have no brains, nevertheless their adaptive behavior looks intelligent. This fact implies that apart from the brain, there is another mechanism that produces intelligence.
To explore this mechanism, we focus on the interaction between the body and environment, and we are developing various bio-inspired robots that produce complex intelligent behaviors using very simple control algorithms.
In addition to the pure research, we apply this mechanism to develop rescue robots for large scale disasters.
As these results were published by various journal and conference papers, please refer to our data-base, and you can watch the robots on our YouTube channel.

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Intelligent Robot, Bioinspired Robot, Rescue Robot, Soft Robot, AI, Machine Learning, Genetic Algorithm, Reinforcement Learning


Intelligent Robotics Lab.Intelligent Robotics Lab.

Dept of Electrical and Electronic Eng.
Fuclty of Science and Engineering
Hosei University

3-7-2, Kajino-cho, Koganei, Tokyo, 184-8584, Japan